Salton Sea

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  1. torment_hack

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    Did any one else use to fish there??? 20 something pounder
  2. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Hey bro, Wish I could help ya. One of the mods here named Bryan (Whistler) fished the area a lot back in the day. He stops by now and then and post. There are some guys in your neck of the woods that will answer your questions.

  3. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    I remember my dad talking about fishing there, and I may have fished there in my youth, as we visited most of the tourist attractions of Calif, every summer! I did a search and found some info thats not very encouraging.
    "In recent years the sea's size has decreased, its salinity increased, and fertilizer and pesticide pollution grown, harming both fish and bird life as well as the once-thriving tourist trade."
  4. Ecfool

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    I fished tere for many years through My youth and up untill about 4 years ago when a massive fish die off occured and purty much wiped out the corvina population. ahh but in its prime wasnt nothing to go out for a few hours in the morning and hook a limit of corvina mostly in the 10 -25 pound range and fighttt dahmmmm they would fight even a little crocker would put up a nice fight on light line and tackle. there is a movement to clean up the Salton Sea but honestly do you believe a politician when he/she/it says "we are going to improve the quality of the sea ...but we need to do another 10 years of studies at a taxpayer cost of millions". Ohh I wish it was true I miss the GREAT fishing it used to have, did I mention that a limit for most everyone fishing cept for the total uncatchable fisherman??

    On another note as soon as our local fair is over its time to hit the canals for some channel cats weather has been georgeous down here.