Saltines To Catch Chubs in a Trap

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on September 4, 2002

    Scifi told me last year to try saltines for creek chubs in my minnow traps, and I was very pleased with the reults. I started catching more than I could use at a time, so I got a 96 quart Rubbermaid storage container at Wallyworld for about $10, stuck in a filter and air stone from an old aquarium I had, and I was in business. Live bait on hand for any planned or unplanned fishing trip. What amazed me the most was how long they survived in the container. Towards the middle of fall, I ended up releasing a bunch back into the water. I fed them plain old goldfish flakes and they seemed to thrive on it. Based on last years results, I've found you don't need expensive equipment to keep baitfish alive and healthy if you go after the more hardy types. I probably couldn't keep a shad alive overnight, but chubs were easy to keep and low maintenance. Feed them once a day, change the filter every week, keep out of excessive heat, and for a few bucks you'll always have a great channel cat bait on hand. They were by far my best channel cat producing bait in rivers. Didn't work as well in ponds and lakes, but still caught fish. Thanks again to Scifi for the saltine tip. Try it, it really works well