Salter-Brecknell "ElectroSamson" Digital Scale

Discussion in 'Fishing Weighing Scales' started by Mr.T, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Mr.T

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    I gave up on Coffey Marketing scales and decided to find something more rugged and dependable.

    My search brought me to the Salter-Brecknell "ElectroSamson" digital scale. It's not cheap - around $100 or so - but is very well made by a worldwide manufacturer of quality weighing equipment.

    I got mine about a week ago and used it last weekend in the Missouri ACATS tournament and was quite satisfied by the performance. The only drawback is there's no backlight for nighttime use, but that's a minor inconvenience. A major feature is that it comes with a "T" bar for suspending the scale from, so you can use both hands to hold up those monster blue cats.

    Here's a review on the scale, written a few years ago I think, but covers all the pros and cons:

    And the manufacturer brochure:

    I purchased mine from this web site - arrived in about a week:
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    I have those scales (ElectroSamson 100 lb. model) and I have no complaints. No backlight isn't an issue if you use a headlamp at night, and the T-bar is great because 2 people can each hold one end of the scale if you're weighing a really big fish. I haven't even had to change the battery yet. I have no experience with Coffey Scales, so I can't comment on those, but the ElectroSamson hand held is a great scale.

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    I did a mini review of the Salter-Brecknell a couple of years back. The only thing I would add to my comments is that the small display made getting the scale shot to be readable in a photo more difficult, such as the scale shot you would need to do in the BOC Fishoffs. The big digits on the Coffey Marketing and the relatively new Berkley 100lb digital are much easier to photograph.