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    hi there,

    since I was gone all of last year I never made it out. does anyone here in cali go into the ocean to fish much? I am getting ready for the salt season, just wishing the fred hall show would hurry up. I go out of point loma most of the time but would like to try other places this year.

    I hope to get into some tuna this year as well as some Yellow tail, have yet to get a dorado, maybe this year.

    so....if you fish the sea....lets hear what you go after and where you go.
  2. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    I try to go at lest once a year I prob will go on the gulf this year I hear the Charter boats are hurting be cause of the storm they lost 80% of their bussenes and they say the fishing is better IF any one is thinking of going PLease consider them I will go off the MS coast

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    I generally try to go at least twice a year. My favorite is rockfish, since you pretty much have to be dead to not catch anything. I've also tried for salmon, striped bass, and halibut.

    I should caution you that I've only fished from Pigeon Pt. to areas somewhat north of the Golden Gate.

    -- Rich
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    Little Rock, AR
    When I lived out there, I had a honeyhole about a half mile offshore about halfway between Pt. Sal and Mussel Pt. There's a 60' deep ridge running parallel to the shoreline. Lots of nice rockfish and ling cod, with an occasional cabezon thrown in. Plenty of blues for bait, if that's still legal. We'd put in at San Louis Obispo and run 17 miles across the bay.
    There's some really good fishing around the channel islands, too.
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    Tiim... some of us out here do fish the ocean when the season is in.... We are limited for deep fishing here as it is closed for rock fish until mar.

    Locally we have sand bass, and occasionaly halibut right now... Down San Diego way, you can go into mexican water to get legal bottom fish... and 1/2 day out you may catch a yellow tail.... 1 to 10 day trips head into Mexican water off Cabo to get the tuna ...

    Fishing at Catalina Island, and the Channel Islands is kind of slow now and hopefully will pick up soon with the white sea bass comming in with the Humbolt squid that they are getting off shore....

    We need to get the spring bite going....

    The long liners, and seiners are taking away the bait fish, and gamefish respectively... which hurts fishing....

    Lots of landings and the boats (charters) are having a problem with the rock fish closures... and you cant make much money running a Whale watch trip......They are selling their bussiness.....
    The Democrats.... and enviormentalist are closing we sport fishing fishermen out of the water with closure of the local Islands and creating Marine Preserve areas.... We can not plink seas that are eating the returning salmon... and the seals are eating the fish that we catch as we try to land em....

    all for now.... from southern california...

    bayrunner ray