Salt River Below Canyon

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    Hello, would like to know if anyone has been to the Lower Salt below Canyon Lake. The spot I wanted to try was accessed from Power Rd, and was a campground. I tried the Verde off of Dynamite rd last week and I didnt care for the area, the water was too shallow and fast. Any advice is appreciated, James.
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    White Mtns, AZ
    If your talking about the various campgrounds on the north side of Bush Highway right past where Power Road turns in Bush Highway, I think that area of the Salt is called Granite Reef. I've fished many times there, in between, and all the way up to Sheep Trail Crossing (The big bridge where tubers go on/off). I have only caught a few channels and yellow bullhead here and there, the fishing is generally fair. When I was about 9 or 10 (about nine years ago) my dad pulled a 26lb flathead out of there, but nowadays I hear that flathead catches are rare.

    Be careful at those campgrounds there though, there are very very crappy people there at times. I got stranded down there when some kids slashed my tires. They had asked me for marijuana or beer, but I don't do that stuff, so I guess they thought it would be cool to cut up my sidewalls. Maybe be sure you can see your vehicle from where you fish, it seems that the closer you are to cities, the more crappy people there are.