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Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by kingcat12, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. kingcat12

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    any body have any tips for cattin at salt fork from the bank
  2. varmint_sniper

    varmint_sniper New Member

    no cats in saltfork my buddies and i refer to it as TURTLE FORK now cuz of all the leather backs we caught there this yr :smile2:

  3. rcbbracing

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    Man i wish i had better info for you. Ive been there a half a dozen times this year flathead fishing and i stuck one 40lber...As far as channel cats go i didnt catch any over about 6or7lbs...Every time we go we try a new spot and it seems there are limbliners and jug liners everywhere polluting this once amazing catfish water. There are still some who believe the populations of catfish havent been damaged but i myself think with all the other amazing lakes close there why bother fishing saltfork. Its still a great lake and like fishing it but if im gonna drive 2hrs to get there like i do im not going to a lake thats limblined that hard. Ill go to piedmont, tappen, or clendening first anyday. If you are still really curious maybe try hitting up brandonbtbt or getthenet. I know these guys live close and fish it often. Im not trying to badmouth any lake, i still have faith, especially since it supplied me my pb...Im just trying to help ya out. If you dont mind catching a leatherback or two then heck give her a shot lol...I hope i helped ya out somehow...
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    S.E Ohio
    Good question here. There in the area but only a few that fish it could actually tell you a good area to fish from the banks. I've fished it some but not a great deal of luck at all.