Salt Block or Feed Block?"

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bnt55, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. bnt55

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    Northern KY
    I am trying to figure for next year which block I should put out for the local deer around here near my corn. This year I put out one of those brown deer blocks kinda looked grainy...? I dont think they appreciated it much, so I was thinking that a salt block would work better. Has anyone figured out which one the deer prefers?
  2. puddle jumper

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    I do two things I pour sea salt out "pellits" it desolves and gets into the ground where the deer have to dig for it,, The deer love it in the fall ,,,but the big hit I fouind this year was the "Trouphy Rock" Tractor supply sells them and cabelas, and I was amazed to see deer walk by my feeder to go to this thing,, they worked it down to nothing in about two weeks,, the area around it looked so torn up that at one point I thought the hogs where getting it,,"which i dont have"
    Give one a try...

  3. mr.whiskers83

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    Charles City,Va
    I will have to agree with the trophy rock or salt either one. The rock will amaze you if you put it out. We put one out last year and the deer rolled that thing all over the place licking at it. It looked like hogs had been rooting around and we don't have those in southern va.
  4. bullcat

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    Try some Lucky Buck mineral they love it and its not all salt ,it has lots of stuff they need year round. They have a web site check it out .
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    We start our salt licks by get a bag of cattle mineral salt ( brown), and then get a 50# cattle mineral block ( white) for the store. Got out where you want you salt lick, dig down about 8-12 deep by about 2 foot in diameter, Put a lay of the bag salt on the bottom, and then put some dirt on top of it.... Repeat this process until your hole is filled back in, then spread the remainder of the bag salt on top and all around the lick. Finally place the block right on top of it all. The deer will use it forever. We usually freshen them every year. put about half a bag of salt on top and then a block again. This has worked for us for years. Deer will only us the salt licks when they are needs. Usually in the spring and summer time and on into the fall.