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    Original post made by Salvatore Palombo Jr. (Sal jr) on May 20, 2005

    Any of you fellas know pig farmers? Then you may have free rod holders right under your nose!

    Take and cut the pattern I made (as shown below) out of two columns of hog fence. (I posted how to on another thread but even in search mode I cant find it)

    you can add a reverse curl at the bottom to hold the base of the rod (just as there is a curl at the top for the top of the rod) but I just use the rod holder itself- by wrapping the rod forward you end up using the whole of the holder as a spring to fight and diffuse the fish. The whole rod holder acts as a spring.


    This is all pretty self explanatory. Big thanks to Vic for taking and originally posting these pics for me.

    You can buy the hog fence in 10' long sections or 20' long even.. and you can get a 3 or 4 foot height. I have one of each shown. Just remember to cut the crosswire off the bottom so you have something to stick in the ground. I say these are cheap cause for the most part you can get em as scrap from the farmer, but worst case scenario you can make 10 of these out of a 10 foot section of hog fence... less than a 15 dollar investment. And they last awhile too.

    For bait-clicker fishing and straight line fishing, just put a v-shaped dent in the top cross-wire and use two rod holders for each half of your rod.