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    I have two 12 footers with okuma epixor eb 80 on them i have braided line 50 lb i have the line before the braided line and i have cot a lot of cats big ones and small how do you tell how much the pole will hold befor it break on you for that on fun when you lose the fish and break the rod to

    i have one okuma longitude ex and okuma reel the same on the others the line is the same and i looked at the what the rod said to us it said to use 20-60 pounds line so how to tell what it will hold as far as the weight of the fish that it will hold
    can someone tell me that for i would love to find out befor i use them with the braid line and breake them i just got the braid line on them and i have not used it before so please help me out with this ? on this for i don't know


    If the rods rated for 20-60 lb line,there,s no way you should be able to break it using 50lb braid.I got Ugly Bigwaters rated at 40-80 and you could pull stumps out of a field with them.:wink: