Sailfin (gafftop) catfish in lake ponchatrain...

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    Bankfished Off A Jetty By A Boat Launch On Peavine Of Hwy 51 In Laplace And Caught Some Beautiful Gafftop's. This Is In My Opinion The Best Eating Catfish And 1 Of 2, But The Only Edible Saltwater Catfish. I Talked To A Few Crabbers, And They Told Me Since The Storm, They've Caught Tons Of New Species Of Saltwater Fish In The Lake, Including Vermillion Snapper, Spadefish, Grouper...u Name It. These Gafftop's Are Between 5-15lb's, And U Catch Lots Of Em'. The Crabs Now Are The Fattest I've Seen All Year. The Crabbers Told Me They Work Just Like Oysters, In That The Months That Have A R In Them They Are At Their Best And Fattest. Reason Being They've Grown Their Biggest And Just Start Packing On Fat. My Kid's Bithday Was Friday And I Had Bought A Dozen Softshell Crabs, And Fried Those Up Along With The Gafftop's We Caught Friday Evening And Topped Them Off With A Crawfish/andouille(pronounced On-do-wee) Creme, Lemme Tell Ya, Its Some Good Stuff. If Any1 Wants The Creme Sauce Recipe, Lemme Know, And I'll Post It. It's Not Hard Or Time Consuming To Make, But Just Plain Awesome And Sumtin' A Lil' Different INSTEAD OF COCKTAIL SAUCE.