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    Howdy, I was browsing the fishing report from AZG@F and it was reported an angler at Saguaro lake had landed his share of catfish. I am assuming he caught channels since I have not heard any reports of flatties at this lake. Has anyone had a good experience at Saguaro. I never been there and would appreciate some direction. Also it was reported an angler landed a flattie at Lake Pleasant, thats definately a first for Pleasant that I am aware of. Take care, James.
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    I have trout fished at Saguaro in the winter before, but not since I got addicted to catfishing.:smile2:
    ~ They were probably channel cats, I never hear anything about flathead there...

    Regarding Pleasant... There was a BOC member that posted a lot last year, and some earlier this year, "Matt Cook". He and a few posts about Pleasant and catching flattys there.. I would look deep into the archives, because he mentioned a few areas where he had some luck..

    * I have tried it several times, but never caught anything but channels..
    ~ I can imagine though, the Aqua Fria arm has got to have some big ones.... but you have to go when it is actually open, the bald eagles roost along the river and they close it so they are not disturbed.

    I will definitely try it again this Spring and give it a shot...I usually avoid that lake because of all the pleasure boaters and jet skis...

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    There are a few successful anglers at Saguaro for channels, but I've never heard of it as a good flathead fishery. That place is really hit or miss, for me it was mostly misses early this summer. I probably went about 7 or 8 times and never even got a real hit. There were tons of dead shad floating in all the coves, that lake suffers from frequent fish kills from the golden algae lately. Its a sad thing since that lake is only about 35 minutes from my house.
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    I have seen guys pick up some falts on swimbaits duriong the winter time when fishing for bass. Beside that i now there are some decent size cats that come from the Snags area lot. Mostly one shad.