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Saginaw River in Michigan

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Saginaw, river, 22 mi (35 km) long, formed by the confluence of eight branches, SE Mich. The river drains a large area of lower Michigan and flows into Saginaw Bay. (c.60 mi/100 km long and 15–25 mi/24–40 km wide), an arm of Lake Huron. Bay City, a port, is located at the bayhead near the river's mouth, and Saginaw is located upstream.
Ok, ok... so the saggie is a great channel cat river. I saw Vic take a nice one out in broad daylight under the bridge to the south of m-25 on a shrimp.

This is a good river for a spring channel cat gathering. We have GOT to hit it at the right time of the year is all. NOlater than thefirst weekend or two of june- then we're in kitty buiness.
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Buddy just showed me pics- 30 walleye and 22 channel cats in one day from lil guys to 9lbs or more.

24 FOW in front of Mc Donalds on the saginaw river right downtown.

Crawler harnesses did it drifting and jigging for walleye.

When are we meeting up?


Michigan fishermen, welcome to Catfishing 2006. We have our first confirmed catches.
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I'm in and ready to go been looking foward to this all winter! LET'S GO
OK, I got a new boat.

It happened.

Ill be able to get out in about 3 weeks though at the soonest. Trade shows, hunts, and getting the paperwork to transfer the big boat to my name have to be done first.

Ill keep ya posted.
Sounds good to me! let me now
hey sal-

you gonna bring that new boat over here and put it on the grand? i think i might know a spot or two.
jspiel said:
hey sal-

you gonna bring that new boat over here and put it on the grand? i think i might know a spot or two.
Are you you going to come fish the saginaw river let's go there is flattes in there!
guys if I had it my way Id be in everyone's location this year-

Gotta remember one thing with a big boat like that: Each trip is gonna have a base cost to me of about 75 bucks for gas, maintenance, etc.... I can only afford to do so many things on my income... As time goes by I will make it all over, trust me.

The first two trips are gonna be me and my gramps and me and my wife- and that might happen at the same time, though I havent targeted a water hole yet.
Once I get a feel for the price shock of taking this unnamed beast out versus El Conquistador, Ill have a better idea of how many trips I can afford this year.
Hay Sal just come fish out of my boat it is not a 19 footer but it will get the job done !
you dont have to ask me twice brother- Ive seen your vessel and she's a fine lady.

I WILL take you up on that. Like I said... a few weeks to clear up business and Ill be ready for sthe spring 06 season.

Guiding this weekend, trade show next weekend.... maybe a run to marquette the weekend after... by the sucker run Ill be free- Im making sure of that.
I talked to three different guys who have been fishing the Saginaw River having no luck at all. They say there is too much run off with all this warm weather and rain. Has anyone heard any good news?
last thursday another buddy went out and limited out in 4 hours out in front of Hooters.

Since then all I have heard is similar to what you are saying sparky.

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