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Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by Ictalurus Punctatus, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    Greensboro, NC
    I've been reading a bit on boat safety and some of the situations people have found themselves in here, and I wanted to ask what are the "gotta haves" for a boat safety kit. I'm gonna get a kit together for a 16' jon boat, so specified storage is sort of slim. I'd seen some large, orange, utility boxes (look like plastic .50 cal ammo boxes) at Gander Mountain that I thought would fit the bill a bit better than the nap sack that I carry with me now. Some of the stories I've heard from experienced boaters have been sobering, maybe even a little intimidating to me, a novice boater. I've got the beginnings of a list, but I'm certain there's something or situation that I haven't accounted for.

    >A watertight, highly visible (bright orange with reflective tape or glow stick tied to it at night), box that floats
    >Cell phone. Simply taking mine off of my side and putting it in the box when I check my oil and load my rods into the boat.
    >First aid kit
    >Flares (?) or would a flare gun be money better spent?
    >Air horn
    >Area/lake map and compass
    >Sterno. I read about that in another post and thought it was a brilliant idea. I would've never thought of it on my own.
    >Emergency reflective blanket

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. ka_c4_boom

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    i cary a tarp in case i need a make shift tent or to cover boat and extra life jackets some paper and extra lighter in case i need a fire , extra rope , dont forget fire extinguisher , i went to a flae market and picked up a hand full of knives cheap always good to have one in reach on the boat , a good bilge pump or two is good to have too put a tool kit in the boat adjustable wreches are good to have i dont have a first aid kit but do carry rags and a roll of duct tape . good luck

  3. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    I prefer a dry bag over the plastic box, primarily because it can be stowed in an out of the way corner more easily.

    Dry clothes are old set of long johns, and a rain suit could save your life.

    Reflective can't have too much. I flew search and rescue copters for over 20'd be surprised how invisible stuff can be at night, even with a searchlight. Reflective tape shines like a diamond in a goat's ass. Good stuff. Use it.

    The best survival item is your brain. Play "what if?" constantly, and plan for the worst. At the same time, avoiding dangerous situations is the best survival strategy of all.

    Oh yeah...tell someone where you're going, and when you'll be back. Make sure they have vehicle and boat descriptions, tag number, where you'll launch, your cell phone #, and so on.
  4. heavyduty

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    Grand Gulf,MS
    I put my cell phone in a sandwich bag and keep it in my pocket in case i fall out of the boat or something happens, that i cant get to a dry box.
    Atleast if i can make it to the bank i can call for help.
  5. Gunner-Fisherman

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    You got a good list started there... Cell phones, take their advice in post above me, I have "lost" two different ones to dropping them in the livewell while trying to get it off my belt to answer and once trying to put it back in the holder... so the plastic baggie is a great idea...

    Flares, I would go for the gun at least you can signal up in a visible area instead of just having a flare hoping somebody drives by to see it...

    Next add at least a handheld GPS so you can see just where you are at and if you come across a “honey” hole, you can make it a waypoint and come back to it over and over…

    A good sharp knife kept close to your anchor rope incase you need to move in a hurry or the anchor gets stuck.

    A small handheld marine radio at least if you don’t want to mount one because of space reasons. Make sure it has the weather channels on it also for alerts … Then TWO sets of extra batteries for it.

    Always good to have a multi-tool like Leatherman or SOG or Gerber for a just in case tool… You can do many things with these and they take up hardly any room to store.

    If you do any night fishing, then consider a night vision monocular waterproof model. You can get different brands now or models from $125.00 and up…

    Other than that, your basic first aid kit, but add an extra set of clothes, you can roll them up to take up less space but if you ever get wet, you will be glad you have them… Wool will keep you warm even if it is wet.

    Good luck on you project..!
  6. Mickey

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    I would agree with all the above post and would add a couple items. Extra boat Plug and back up keys for boat and truck. Also when you get your kit complete be sure and have a check list.Check it before every outing.:big_smile:
  7. cockroach

    cockroach New Member

    you might want to add a couple of road flairs. they will start wet wood on fire if you need too. [ps , be carefull] cockroach.
  8. Ictalurus Punctatus

    Ictalurus Punctatus New Member

    Greensboro, NC
    Thanks for all your input guys, I really appreciate it. I picked up an Orion distress kit at Gander Mountian for right at $60. It came with a flaregun, 3 areal flares, 3 handheld flares, 1 orange smoke, 1 signal mirror, 1 8" glow stick, whistle, distress flag, and a waterproof, floating case. It's a start.

  9. ersel

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    Haughton Louisiana
    I also keep about $20 in small bills and change. Tweezers, hand sanitizer, paper towels 20-25 sheets folded up in a zip lock bag(can be used as tp also), extra zip lock bags, duct tape, zip ties, energy bars,two bottles of water, four cheap rain ponchos and the basic first aid kit.
  10. waterwalker

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    Louisville Ohio
    I agree with the other posters...just one thing on the orion safety kit
    be aware of your local regs. some lakes around here consider the flar gun
    as a firearm and not allowed on inland lakes.