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    Here is the idea I came up with for the Wild Wolf safety float. I talked to Pete several times before he sent the float about what I was doing and a project that he was working on and here is the idea I had for the float. I have known several people that have lost equipment namely rods and reels when something happens and a boat flips. I think Pete and I have come up with an idea to solve the problem. I found a strap that had velcro on it to wrap around the rods and it also comes equipped with a heavy duty hanger. The system is rated up to 100lbs so it should hold. The float is just over 11" long and it is the size of the Fat Katbobber. I'm going to see how much weight it will take to sink the float later in the week, and I will post what I find.

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    That looks like it should work well Dan. Keep us posted.

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    Great idea, let us know how it works out for you!