Safe fish handling for food?

Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by bootshowl, May 26, 2007.

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    Hey folks, need some advice on safe food handling regards fish. Kept 3 nice eaters last night and iced em down in the cooler (3AM), cleaned off my fellets this afternoon, got em soaking in lil salt water in the fridge & will fish fry this evening late. Can I freeze the uncooked leftovers. Usually when I freeze, I clean an wrap & they go right in the freezer. How long is it safe to refrigerate, before tossing them in the freezer?
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    I may be wrong but I don't think I am! I feel it would be perfectly safe to freeze those fish! The most important thing I feel is to make very sure that everything is super clean as far as preperation is concerned. Another thing that I have seen done is placing the prepared fish in a gallon size freezer bag with a half bag of water then place in freezer.The folks I seen do this,would use one freezer bag per fish. I hope this helps you Brother Gary!!:big_smile:

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    Yes you don't want to freeze just the fish itself. I haven't ever done that but I always used the freezer-bag/water method. I also heard that if you use milk instead of water (or is it to thaw them in?) it keeps a fresh-flavor.
    When putting the fillets in water in the freezer bag fill it halfway with fish, put water to cover all the fish, press the bag until water flows out (no air bubbles), and then seal the bag. :smile2:
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    Why shouldn't you just freeze the fish?