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    Sad day today:sad2::sad2:.Took my flattin rods out of the van for the year.Put little Huey,Dewey and Louie to sleep for the year(What,Everybody doesn,t have their rods named?).Overall,me and the crew I fish with had a pretty damn good year.Few guys set new PB,s,got a lot of decent fish in the 10-15# range,quite a few in the 15-25# range and a fair amount in the 25#+ size.They,re the ones that give you something to dream about during the offseason!Found and cleared out a few new spots that produced good.Refined the time when they were hitting on a few older spots and generally spent a lot of quality time on the rivers with both new and old friends.Spent a lot of good nights chewing the fat and kicking around some new ideas.Got a couple new guys there first cats.Enjoyed the nights with numbers of fish and enjoyed being on the rivers with friends on the fishless nights too_Only had a couple nights where nobody brang in a decent fish.Got to fish with some BOC brothers that I never fished with before.:cool2:.I think I got enough of the rivers sights,sounds and smells in my memory bank to last me til spring.Gonna switch over to the channels and carp for a while until the steelhead start running good up Erie.Maybe some of us can get together for a couple steelhead outings the next couple months to keep the comraderie going?Look forward to jawing with my fellow Pennsylvanian brothers over the winter on how to catch more and bigger next year.This was my first year owning a computer and camera and I enjoyed every minute of it.This aint called a brotherhood for nothing!:wink:.I,ll spend all the offseason thinking about new spots,techniques ,tackle and baits.I,ll be postin my carp and channel fishing on here til the water freezes up!Been a good season of jawing with all the rest of you Pa. guys this year.:big_smile:.We gotta get together over the off season for some kind of serious get together next year.Let,s keep Pa. on the top!:cool2:.PS-we get a warm spell,I,ll drag the gear out for a couple last tries!:crazy:.
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    i heard tell that the temps may go up a little bit in the coming weeks but nothing major they said. looked forward to your reports and pics all year Pat. can't wait to see what you and the crew have in store for next year.

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    Put them back in!!!! u never know! its not too late yet!!!
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    It is gonna be cold for the next few days, but I hera a warming trend with temps in the 70s may be coming, might just get a november flathead..if not I will still fish weather permitting.

    Now is the tme i start looking forwar to spring, catfishing is an all year passion.
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    Keep that fever at a burniing pitch throughout the winter there Pat. I was a late bloomer and this was the first year that I even targeted flatheads and I have the fever. You naming your rods reminds me of catching carp (10-15 pounds) on my Scooby Doo rod. Maybe that would be a good challenge with the small flatheads? Hmmm. Oh well probably have all winter to think about it.
    As for the brotherhood part of your post I couldn't agree more. The guys on this forum are really eager to help and sincerely friendly. That's super :cool2:
    Have a good winter and hopefully we'll get a few of those warming trends you are refering to. Take care!

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    Good thing the Atlantic Ocean is only and hour and a half away!

    November, December, and January are actually the best times to fish the saltwater.:cool2:
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    i just can't bring myself to puttin my gear away just yet....i won't do it:smile2:
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    OMG Pat, you almost made me cry reading your post :wink:
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    i finally broke down and cleaned my rods and reels, put the reels back in the boxes but i left the line on them for special days. the only set ups i left together were my bass, trout and channel cat rods
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    i hear you brother, put my stuff away last week and broke the fly rod out for some fresh chrome. i could not of said it any better great post and great year of fishing with you and your motley i learned alot of tricks and tips from you and other's here on the pa board looking foward to next year already.and we are going to for sure meet up for steelhead there in there now if you haven't gone up yet, and they are fresh. going over to my buddys to watch the game and eat some smoked steelies from last weekend can't wait. tight lines...justin
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    Good stuff Pat! :big_smile: The Catfishing may be winding down but there are plenty of other species to pursue during the cold months! I look forward to your future reports! :cool2:
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    it is kinda :sad2: to bring a end to the year i may sneek anouther day or two in but for the most part its over for me too:sad2: