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    A few months ago I was at my local hardware store to pick up a couple of cotter pins for the prop on my boat. While picking up what I needed I saw these small cotter pins for a 1.50 for twenty. I picked them up to try out a idea. Now I don't know if anyone else has thought of this before but there working really nice for drifting and tightlining where you have a sinker at the bottom of your rig.


    Now if your like me you have more than one cast net thats been repaired one too many times and sits in the corner of your garage. I've taken my before and melted the sinkers but decided to use them with my cotter pin idea. I simply tie a palomar knot on the cotter pin with about 12 inches of line to a swivel. I then place this swivel to freely slide above my other swivel attached to my leader and mainline. I personally don't like three way swivels because of breakages in the past. The dual swivels seem to be much stronger. Anyway instead of using a lighter line for my breakaway line I use the same 20lb test line as my mainline. When I have gotten hung up the cotter pin simply pulls through the sinker leaving me with the cotter pin to just put another sinker on. These cast net sinkers have been working pretty well for me lately as a somewhat snag free sinker and puts my old cast nets to good use.


    I found out with a scale that bending just one side of the cotter pin gives me five pounds of resistance before pulling through. Bending both sides gave me about 10 pounds of resistance before pulling through. I've only lost one cotter pin so far that broke at the knot. You can easily add or subtract the amount of weight you need very easy and quicker than rigging a new breakaway line.

    I've also used this when tightlining with the weight at the bottom with one or two drop above the weight with good sucess. It preforms just like my other drifting cotter pin at pulls loose when hung up.


    I haven't tried it with carolina rig setup but suspect it would work also. Just put a cotter pin above your swivel and put your choice of sinker on. It would slide freely just like a egg or no roll sinker.