Sabot slugs of choice

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  1. calogan

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    What kind of sabot slugs does everyone prefer? I personally use Remington Copper Solids, and have had great luck with those. However, they are the only slugs I've ever used and wondered how the others stacked up. Every year there are more and more to choose from and they continue to go up in price. What is everyone’s opinions, and are the new sabots worth the extra money?
  2. Hawk52

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    My Favorite slugs are buckhammer. Every deer that i have shot with these haven't gone anywhere, most of them had their shoulders destroyed. They kick hard, but they hit the deer much harder

  3. Wabash River Bear

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    Hornaday SST's or Federal/Barnes tipped expander Vital Shoks, the accuracy and range I get from these two are worth every penny.
  4. cantstopgrandma

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    Total devistation on both ends with buckhammers. All the deer i've shot with them didn't go far, with an 8 pointer dropping in his tracks. I've been thinking of switching slugs the last couple of years due to flinching. For some stupid reason i went into slug gun hunting thinking "bigger is better". Well a 1 3/8 oz 3" buckhammer kicks bad enough to shuck the shell itself in my 870, and it aint no fun shooting them anymore. When i shot the 8 pointer, he was behind me and i didn't have time to turn my whole body thumb hit my nose, and i had to sit there about ten minutes before i dared to climb down the ladder.
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    Elnora, Indiana
    Couldn't have said it better myself. I shoot a H&R 20 gauge with a fully rifled bull barrel and with both types of slugs and can stick 5 shots into a paper plate at 200 yds. I have shot deer all the way out to 220 yards and not a single one has taken more than 3 steps.
  6. Cathooker

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    My Remington 870 with rifled barrel shot the best groups using the Brenneke KO slugs. I shot the 2 3/4 inch ones. The 3 inch kicked too hard and did not pattern well. Those slugs devasted a deer's insides.
  7. Brian D

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    I have had good luck with barnes expanders in my mossberg 835 with rifled barrel,but far and away,it shoots winchester partiton golds the best!So that is what I have been using the past 3 years.
  8. Colsrob

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    Ohio, Columbus
    Last year I needed to get some slugs at the last second. I usually buy the Brennke KO's, and like them very much, but they were not in stock when I went. I chose to go with Hastings Laser Accurate Magnums.

    I bought an extra box, as I needed to sight in my new scope. Now, I have been hunting most of my life. My dad started me at an early age. I have shot many different kinds of guns, and different ammo, including other slugs. By the time I got to the last round for sighting, I almost wanted to cry.:big_smile:

    It was a nice day and plenty warm enough to not need a long shirt or jacket/coat. Those magnums kick so hard, and hit with so much power, it made me not care if the scope was accurate or not. Needless to say, I don't think i'll be using them again. Although, I still have 2 boxes in my safe.:smile2:
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    I've bought 5 slugs in the last 30+ years of hunting. Three of them I shot at an old dog house for practice. The other 2 missed deer. They don't work too well out of my Remington 1100 bird gun. I'll stick with the 30-06 or the 30-30 or the .50 caliber. :wink:
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  10. IA Flatcatter

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    SE IA. on the skunk river
    Rifled slug barrels with some kind of sights help a lot. and some of us can't use rifles.:sad2:
    I have tried a lot of different sabot slugs over the years and I really like the winchester partition golds, accurate and awesome knockdown power.
    2 3/4" are all you need 3 inchers kick like heck and don't fly as well.
    a lot of the sabots are just to hard to really kill a deer cleanly, I have seen a lot of deer that have a good hit in them only to run a long ways because the sabot just punched a small hole right thru the deer.
    my 2 pennys worth anyway...
  11. backwoodsman68geric

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    I had the same problems with Winchester 12ga 2 3/4" BRI sabots, small holes and deer ran a long ways. I shot Brenneke 20ga and 12ga 2 3/4 thru the 70's and 80's and switched to Brenneke 12ga 3" in the early 90's, awesome power and kills but the recoil got to be too much, same as a .300 Winchester Magnum. Ive used Brenneke 2 3/4" 12 ga K.O.'s since '04. Last year missed my first deer with'em. Killed 26 or 27 straight maybe a few more? that I remember with'em, missed a doe opening day last year, all knock down kills or 10 yard tracking jobs. Only a few were spine/nerve center hits. About an hour or so after I missed the doe an 8pt came thru and I took him. He took 2 steps maybe 3 or so from a double lung hit. I recommend K.O.'s to everyone in our deer hunting group. Ive had the same success as Cathooker with K.O.'s. They are a limited range slug though, out past 80 yards you have to shoot them to see where they group. Ive taken deer out past 100 yards and yotes up to 150-175. Kentucky windage.
  12. New Member

    I use Lightfield hybred EXP, I experimented with all the others and these turned out to be the most accurate in my H&R 12 guage. They have tremendous knock down power and great long range accuracy. At 100 yrds i can put 5 of them in a spot the size of a chew can with a good rest. Ive never had one bullet stray off the mark when pattering them either.