Sabiki Rig holder???

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  1. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    Im curious what others use to hold a sabiki rig after you use it and throw away the pack they come in? I know we often switch from spinners, spoons, blade baits etc and back and forth with sabiki's trying to figure out what is the best bait for catching skippies, white bass or wahtever. I was planning on picking up a few of the Lindy Snelled hook holders and use them but wondered how others store them.

    Here is a link to the Lindy snelled hook holders, cost about $5- 6 each.

    Thanks in advance
  2. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    I just use a piece of a foam noodle, I push the swivel into the foam then wrap the sabaki rig around the noodle sticking each hook into the foam. If one of the swim noodles is too big around you can use wrap around foam pipe insulation

  3. alton

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    That is exactly what I use for my sabiki rigs. It works fine. I am sure there is a better way and I would also like to know. They are a pain in the neck sometimes. Good luck.
  4. janzaldo

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    Hey foilkes the other day I stopped by this tacke shop they sell what is called a sabiki rod. It looks like a hollow rod blank with a reel seat. The way it works is you thread your line thru the inside of your rod and it comes out tat the end; tie a a snap swivel then attach your sabiki rig. The coolthing about this set up is you don't touch the bait, you simply reel in your line and as the hook nears the tip the fish just pop off. It holds your rig intenally.
    It cost about 55 dollars though.

  5. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    The pool noodle works well, and I also use a section of 1/2" pvc pipe long enough to drop the rig through, cut a slot to hold the weight end, and use velcro straps to hold it to the rod until next time out. Works very well for me. :wink:
  6. Skipjack

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    I use one of those foam rubber can coolers. They call it a koosie.