S&W M&P 340 My review

Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by jedimanhunter, Aug 18, 2009.

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    Well I finally got into a gun I have wanted for along time.
    The S&W M&P 340. It is chambered in 357 and weighs a hefty 13.3 oz. Almost 1/2 the weight of a walther ppk without a clip and half a lady smith. It holds 5 shots, most small 380 or so are 8+1 or so. How many rounds do you need in a 3-7 second gunfight. The answer is enough and 5-38/357 rounds probably are.

    I read up on these on the net and all I hear is how violent the recoil is. Well its not true. (YET) I qualified with 158 gr .38 +P. The recoil is there but it was not a bruiser by any means. I did not have any 357 at the time i shot it. The recoil will be alot more but I dont expect to see bloody knuckles and numb and bruised hands after the fact. Even if it is violent it is not designed to be a plinker or target shooter. I would say it should be stamped " for life saving purposes only" on the barrel somewhere hehe

    The night sight on the front fits the gutter rear sight very well and easy to aquire a target. The trigger pull is heavy which was to be expected being double action only. I had to make a grip adjustment after most shots . Big hands and small grip and new gun are contributing factors.

    I actually appreciate the heavy trigger because this is a drop in pocket and go piece. I am looking to purchase a pocket holster but Im in no hurry and have no concerns of snaging trigger, pulling trigger in pocket, seat belt in crash causing an ad (accidential discharge) until or if I do.

    By far the most comfortable gun i will ever have to carry. A set of wood grips would make a smoother draw from your pocket. The rubber grip grab the inner pocket more than wood. The enclosed hammer pretty much seals gun from lint build that you get from exposed hammers and there is nothing for it to get caught on when you pull it from your pocket.

    The Number 1 reason I have not carried in the past is comfort even though the number 1 rule in a gunfight is have a gun. This little gun fixed all of that.

    I am curious about how the finish will wear. It has alot of sharp edges so to speak. I started to get the titanium cylinder but it only brings the weight down to 12 oz and its about 100.00 more and night sights are not an option.

    If anyone is looking at the titanium model i did learn that low weight 38 shot in the 357 titanium cylinder will cause erosion from the flame and them the 357 will case fire form to the erosion causing sticky cases. At least this is my understanding of a potiential problem with the titanuim cylinder. I did not like that either so I opted for the stainless cylinder.

    How does it shoot first time out?

    10 rounds 3 yard line draw fire 2 from the hip = 9-10 ring
    5 rounds 5 yard line 1 hand = 8-10 ring
    10 rounds 7 yard line with 5 rounds strong hand 5 rounds weak = 8-10 ring
    10 rounds 10 yard line 2 hands = 8-10 ring
    10 rounds 15 yard line 2 hands = 7-10 ring
    5 rounds 25 yard line 2 hands = 7-10 ring plus a head shot flyer
    5 shots 50 yards tinkering = 2/5 on steel body silohette

    It scores about as well as my heavy sig p226 .40

    The only improvement I want to see shooting this is overcoming the grip adjustments between rounds and trigger time will fix that. Other than that I am pleased and would buy it again

    Give this one a look if your in the market for a carry piece.
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    Good choice and nice review. I've always got a j-frame withing easy reach.

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    It is a great choice for carry. But I promise you you won't be doing much practice with full blown 357 ammo! It simply is not that much fun to shoot with full power loads; which is fine you didn't purchase a target or competition gun, just a carry gun. I'd get a trigger job and good grips, so you have better recoil, and fire control. Sometimes a little skateboard tape can be magic. Just my $.02!