S.D. local lake openers

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    Today begins the friday-saturday night fishing at Dixon & Poway lakes. they stocked both with 2000 lbs. of cats and should continue thru the summer. I have had the best luck at these lakes with "Charlie's" stink\dough bait on a treble hook w\ spring and night crawler combo. Chicken livers would be my second choice. Lake Poway has been good on shrimp in the past. To all of you service members and veterans out there, I just want to say "thanks"( for your service) and Have a good Fourth of July. My family knows Freedom is not Free. Big B
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    thank you for that, we out here at camp pendleton really apreciate good patriots like yourself. oh and sorry for that funky text last night, i like you but not that much.:roll_eyes:

    we still down for some fishing at sarl on tuesday? i am thinking of taking the old lady up there for a few hours tonight. just to test the waters. we are going to be in the area up at her brothers. so i figure i will sneak the poles in the back of the jeep.

    give me a call asap to get somthing planned