S.C. free fishing days June 6-7 and other news

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    Advance 2010 hunting & fishing licenses can be ordered online now from the SCDNR website.

    South Carolina's free fishing days will be held this year from June 6-7. Free fishing days allow people who would like to try the sport of fishing to go without having to purchase a license.

    Fishing equipment and tackle can also be borrowed for the free fishing days at a nearby tackle loaner site. The state's 26 tackle loaner sites are housed in state and county parks all over South Carolina. Make sure to call ahead to the tackle loaner site of your choice to find out more information about the site you'll be visiting, the type of bait you'll need to bring and to make sure equipment will be available. To rent out equipment is free! A full list of tackle loaner sites and their locations and more at www.dnr.sc.gov

    There are also numerous other free events around the state for the ninth annual National Fishing and Boating Week, May 31--June 7.

    National Fishing and Boating Week is an annual event coordinated by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation to help share the benefits of fishing and boating. Boating and fishing both offer valuable opportunities to reconnect with family and friends. Whether it is an afternoon full of excitement out on the water or a relaxing afternoon fishing from the pier, each year this annual event falls on the first week of June.

    To get out and learn more about fishing in South Carolina, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Aquatic Education Section will be offering a free basic fishing seminar for families Monday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 2 at the Cohen Campbell Fish Hatchery in at 2726 Fish Hatchery Road, West Columbia. Reservations are required, as space is limited. To obtain more information or reserve your spot, call Lorianne Riggin at (803) 737-8483 or e-mail aquaticed@dnr.sc.gov. The week's events will continue with three youth fishing rodeos to be held Saturday, June 6 around the state. These events will be held in Darlington, Oconee and Richland counties. Learn more about these and the remaining 2009 fishing rodeos.

    In addition to the aquatic education courses, DNR will be offering three boater education courses in the Calhoun/Orangeburg Area, Richland/Lexington area and Spartanburg County. Unless noted, boater education courses are free of charge, but require pre-registration. More information can be found at Boater Education for these and all additional upcoming boater education courses.
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    I think they should just do away with all that gear thing and just issue fish.Go to the loaner site and tell them your personal best and the issue you a fish 5lbs bigger.That way you take it home hook it up to YOUR gear and then tell lies about it!!!!!:smile2::roll_eyes:Save SC a lot of money in these troubled economic times.I think most states have similiar plans but I dont know if they all have the free loaner gear.Great idea though and SC is to be commended for the plan.:big_smile: