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    25 hp johnson 1999. got it running this year but has been inconsistant. right now it starts and runs but is bogged down until i remove the motor cover. Then it ramps up and runs out great. Also when the cover is on and it is bogged down, it uses a TON of fuel. I have tried adjusting the carb, but that does not seem to effect much. last thing, sometimes to get it started i have to bump the throttle to full. what do you guys think???
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    Sounds like your fuel to air mixture is way out of kilter. Think I'd invest in a manual, take my time rebuilding the carb, and double check all the carb linkage adjustments. There is no reason the motor won't run and perform right providing it has good compression and all adjustments properly made.

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    Yep what Lawrence said:wink:
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    You might make sure the fuel line is routed proper and that the cover isnt pinching the line
  5. I have the same exact thing going on buddy, and I found out it was a small exhaust leak!:eek:oooh:

    When you put the cover on, it would build up in there and start choking the motor AT IDLE ONLY.:angry:

    Check your exhaust plate, power head base, and head gaskets!:wink:

    I used a digital flash camera at night, it really details where my leak was.:wink:

    And using and led light at night you can go around the power head while it is idling and look for smoke:wink:.
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    My 90 evinrude was doing the same thing, ran great with the cover off. It ended up being the cover was pinching a plug wire and arching were the cover locks down.