Run out of fishing luck. HA

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    Did my limb lining Friday night the 23rd. One nice channel cat and and most of my cut bait was still on the hooks. So after over 3 weeks of catching fish it came to a standstill.
    I am sorry I haven't answered my mail but the system won't let me until I make 10 posts.
    One question was how deep am I setting my limb lines. I try to set them 2-3 ft. To much line and the fish will get hung up on underwater branches.
    Another question was how I like Norfork and Mountain Home. I came here after 35 years in CO. I loved CO. and the rocky mountains, hunting and fishing. I grew up in Kansas catching bass, crappie, and of course catfish. I am now living my second childhood. I fished trout for 35 years and could care less if I ever caught another. I love it here. Typical small town living, two great lakes, noefork and bull shoals. striper fishing is also very good here. Mountain home is growing and a lot of new business. Iam happy I retired here.

    Joe Rush
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    Joe, the next three weeks will be a good time to go golfing:smile2:. We are going to try one more trip tomorrow. The blues should pick back up toward the end of june and be biting best at night. Welcome to the BOC/SOC, glad to see another Arkansas member.

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    Welcome to the BOC/SOC. I know you will love it here. Lots of good information and a lot of BS so watch out, lol. Lots of good people willing to help you any way they can.

    I'm glad you came to Arkansas to retire too.

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    Cypress Bayou, ARKANSAS
    welcome to the BOC, glad to
    see another arkansas member,