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    Tobaccoville NC
    We had a local lake where I lived in Georgia. It had an old tale about it. When I moved 400 miles north to NC I heard the same tale about the lakes here. the tale...( divers working on the dam saw catfish so big they could eat a man whole. and the divers won't go back down.) ever heard it? so my question is who fishes the dam for catfish? anyone? sure sounds like state records hang there:big_smile:
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    I don't know about eating a man whole, but I've hung a couple that I couldn't get to the boat and I know there are 100 lb. fish in the lakes I fish. I bet a 100 lb. fish in yourface underwater in the murk would make you think he could eat you alive. A 100 lb. blue is huge! Look at the pic. of the world record that was caught in Texas and tell me that wouldn't be scary to have swim up on you in the murky depths.

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    You'll hear that story everywhere you go, and it's always a buddy of a buddy who was actually there! Even if there aren't big catfish in a river system(or in some cases, no catfish at all!), you'll hear that same story. The catfish with eyes as big as a dinner plate! That's my favorite, because a catfish's eyes are relatively small. The world record blue(124lbs.)has eyes that aren't maybe as big as a golf ball. So to do the logic, as big as a dinner plate, we're talking somewhere around 1,000lbs, as a dinner plate is roughly 10 times large than a golf ball. Imagine that!!!
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    to catch one that size you need a shad or skipjack big enough to eat a swan and a rod and reel the size of a tow truck winch and boom a 100/0 hook a 10lb bank sinker 200 feet of 3/8 rope and alot of pateince . good luck
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    will believe anything........

    When I hear the giant catfish deal in person I don't say anything cause it aint likely to change a mind and it really isn't that important to point out it is a rumor. But I am bored at the moment so here is a little more info...

    If a story like that was true, there would be catfisherman anchored behind every dam. Oh yeah, if you ever hear about a scuba diver scooped up by a fire plane and dumped in the woods........well...........

    I might as well pass along a story while I am here.....Once I was getting ready to go catfishing and the last thing I had to load up was a fresh batch of rotten stink was still dark outside and I couldn't really see that well and I followed my nose and grabbed the worst smelling thing in the house. I didn't catch anything that day but my mother in law enjoyed the boat ride.......:lol:
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    Tobaccoville NC
    "skipjack big enough to eat a swan " I like that C4 boom.

    I think I might waste a little time around the dam. lol nice striper hanging under my boat while wife tanning. lol or maybe like JAWS hook a whole chiken on a grapple hook. I better practice on some 50-60lbers first my PB is sorta low.

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    I just hear that story on Friday matter of fact. It was about Jordan Lake Damn. The catfish was 12 foot long and could swallow a boat.
    To funny, alswo heard it about the lake of the ozarks in MO.
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    Thats what all the snags are, they are just monster catfish with a 1000 hooks stuck in his lip. I haven't hooked a cat that didn't move when you hooked it but sometimes I leave the rod alone after I think its hung up just in case its a huge cat.
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    NE Texas
    I have heard the same tales about the lakes with dams here in SW Arkansas and NE Texas.
  10. superman

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    DeSoto MO
    yep i have heard that one about a bunch of lakes in mo but my favorite one is when people say they have saw fish the size of a vw bug
  11. TomV

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    Warsaw, Missouri
    And you're not even from Texas. j/k LOL

    Here's the world record if I'm not mistaken:
    Tim Pruitt of Alton, Ill - new world record blue cat - 124 pounds.
  12. WylieCat

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    "...Thats what all the snags are..."

    Early last year I was drifting in Wylie and seen the rod slowly roll over. It looked like a snag and I picked it up. When I put some pressure on it I got the pull-pull-pull of a fish. I put a couple of cranks on it and could tell I had a fish. At that point I realized it was bigger than any fish I had put a hook in. A couple of more cranks and poof, it popped loose. Examination of the rig showed bite marks on the cork. Sadly, I had a huge fish, it just did not have the bait.

    I kept fishing that area on and off most of the spring and summer, and I finally caught my personal best 55 pounder in the same area. Was it the same fish, or was there a bigger one?

    We will never know.
  13. Pier Pressure

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    Over the past 7 years I have witnessed a man fishing with a rope tied to the railing and a grapple hook and what looks to be a cornish hen. I have seen him on and off at hydro, throwing this rig out and waiting 10 min. and doing it again. I hooked one this winter that hauled my boat around for 5 mins. before he took a pile of line and staightened out the hook, but big enough for a 6-7" grapple hook I'm not sure. I have always got a kick out of watching him.
  14. Mac-b

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    Jim, I'm glad to hear that someone else had a hook bent from a big fish. It happen to me several years ago and all my buddies didn't beleive me. They said that I had hooked a stump or something else on the bottom. In my heart of hearts I knew it was a big fish. Never felt a head shake or nothing like that. He just freight lined me until I put so much presure on the line that it bent the hook. I still have the hook in my tackle box and will show it to all by friends when we are fishing and things are slow. Mac
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    i'm sure the bigguns are there,but, IT AINT A FISH TILL IT'S IN THE NET!!!!!
  16. mack in n.c.

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    cary nc
    have always heard that w story about kerr dam........ok heres mine...neuse river.......the fish in my avatar is a 46 lb blue.....caught on 30 lb line and amb 6500 with stout rod...took less than 5 mins to get in...probaly only 2 mins.........well twice on the neuse i ahve had fish run this same getup out of line........last time the fish went out of the hole to the middle of the river and went straigh downriver like a freight down to a few wraps of line before i could untie....motored downriver and gained line and got above fish and fish sizzled almost all of the line off again and just as neared the endof line the hook came out.......i was putting all the pressure i could without breaking the line........i have seen tarpon here and its problay about 5 miles above any kind of salt but i dont think it was a tarpon..couldnt be a cat.. a cat would of stayed in the hole.....this fish wanted to go downriver.............shark?????guess i will never know ..............i am taking my 7000 with 40 lb be told later...mack
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    Have to remember, things are magnified under water. possibly a large cat, yes, but i would have to see it to believe it. when I saw the worlds largest blue catfish on the front page last year or so, I was in shock and very amazed. It's okay to be mistaken and the correct an issue. Some people , when scared, exagerate. So that's what may have happened!
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    NC- Brunswick County
    I was told that the US corp of engineers were diving working on the lock and dam #1 on the cape fear and came up and wouldn't go back down.

    Now I don't remember who told me about that, likely a nobody who heard it from another nobody :)