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    You folks can take this for what it's worth, just something you read on the net. An aquantence of mine holds a pretty good job in the DEI shop. A friend of mine is dating him now and I ran into her today and asked her "What's the latest?" She laughed and said "how much time have you got?"

    She told me so much in the 45 minutes I talked with her that I can't even remember half of it. But it all boiled down to the fact that they all hate each other and have spent a lot of time and energy trying to screw each other over. Since Dale Jr. and Kelly decided they wanted DEI Teressa has quit spending the money on racecars, reasearch and development in an effort to screw JR over. Monday before the press conferece at the regular Monday morning shop meeting she fired 5 higher ups in the raceshop who were JR loyalist. JR cussed her out in front of everybody and threatend to walk right there. She told him to go ahead but it was going to cost him and I think that I heard my friend say that Kelly told him to shut up. Jr is mad right now so look for him to be a little faster on the track than he has been. I think it's also safe to say he intends to tear up plenty of Teressa's stuff this year too. Basically there is plenty of drama and decention amongst the employees at DEI.

    I asked her what the deal was with the wing mount and she laughed and said it was pretty complicated. Basically it was a mount that nascar confiscated from another team somewere and had on the display table. One of the 8 crew swiped it and at some point the car chief and the crew put it on the car. They weren't sure if Tony jr even knew about it but my experience in racing is that stuff like that the crew chiefs usually tell the boys "I don't want to know". That sounds like a pretty big deal but really that kind of stuff happens a lot more than you think. A few weeks ago after repairs the 15 was missing some of the manditory stickers. One was a $2000 sticker so they stole them off another teams backup car. The car chief just said "I don't want to know anything".

    She also said that the latest rumer is that Dale JR is going to take the Budweiser money and put it into JR Motorsports and fund his own team with RCR backing him with equipment but that is purely rumer. The general consesus at DEI is the RCR ride is a done deal. Also they believe that Tony JR will go with him as crew chief because nobody else can communicate with Dale JR. When JR comes on the radio and talks about what the car is doing hew almost got his own language and Tony Jr is the only one that knows what in the world he's talking about.

    That's the way I heard it today.
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    Like I had speculated in the other Jr post going to his own shop with RCR backing or cooperation may be the best move for Jr as he has a say so in the direction and control in his future while at the same time making his own company something that is being built for his families future. I guarantee that he will fix things so that if anything happens to him any kids he has will not have to go through the things that Theresa has put him through! I HOPE THE RUMOURS YOU GOT TODAY TURN OUT TO BE TRUE! If so Jr may have gained a new fan as I will have a new level of respect for him the man, I always respected Sr even though I always pulled for him to hit the wall and if extremely lucky take the #24 with him.