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    I haven't got a book on the rules and regulations in so long that i may need a catch up. Does anyone know the regulations on perch? Are they considered a baitfish? Can you catch so many per person or as many as you want? Can they be sold? The only reason i'm asking is a baitman told me that the regulations had changed on this fish. Thanks for any help on this.
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    There is no limit on perch now. Bait people can now sell perch for bait. It's my understanding they are no longer a gamefish!

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    From '08-'09 book:

    H. 4497 Game fish -- Act No. 227
    This Act removes white perch from the list of game fish
    in this state.

    Always a good idea to pick them up every year, if nothing else, but to read the what's new section. Not a bad idea to have one anyway, nobody I know can memorize the entire thing. I keep one at home, in the boat, in the truck, and electronic copies (you can download the pdf from the DNR website) on every computer. Comes in handy sometimes.