Ruger p89

Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by willcat, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. willcat

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    Thinking of buying one from a guy in the office. Anybody have one or shootone. He wants 350$ for it w/ 3 15rd clips & 1 20 rd clip, and a holster, good deal???
  2. whodaman

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    Des Moines Iowa
    well first off dont take the first number he gives you haggle him alittle bit offer 275 and go up from there but yes that is a good deal i would take it after i tryed haggling him a bit

  3. 72hdflh

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    West Salem, Ohio
    I have one, but have only fired two rounds through it so I can't say good or bad yet. But I like it so far. That sounds like a good price, but like said try to haggle first.
  4. massa_jorge

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    hey bud check the date of manufacture for this particular pistol. the first batches of P89's had some defects like constant jamming, dropping mags, etc. they fixed the problems but some of the original pistols are still in circulation. if the guy is reputable, he should let you shoot it before you buy it, as long as you buy the ammo. disassemble it and check the barrel, action and magwell for rust too. also shoot from every mag he wants to sell you, so you can see that their springs are not worn out or they are overly dirty.
  5. flathead willie

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    I'm looking to get one too. I have looked at a few at pawn shops. That is the one with the decocking feature isn't it? That is the one thing I like over the Springfield 1911 I carry now. I grit my teeth every time I need to ease the hammer down on mine. I usually drop the mag and rack the chambered round out before dropping the hammer.
  6. riverbud55

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    Dale Miller
    Got a p85 the earliest generation of Ruger 9mm DA simi-auto pistols , got it within a month of them being made available to the public, have put thousands upon thousands of rounds threw it and can't ever remember it jamming and that's with 75% of them being hand loaded lead round nose bullets, did polish the ramp and chamber with some 400 and 600 wet dry sand paper and a dowel (round pencil) for backup of the sand paper, I believe all p series Rugers except the DA only have a decocking lever,wouldn't say $350 is a great deal but not a bad one ether depending on the shape of it, I paid $355 new in early 1988