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    What in the world has happened to our society? We have a place on the river that George spends a lot of time at, he never fishes in front of someone cabin unless he ask if it is ok, he does most of his fishing during the week and many people are not around. Well he hapened to be fishing this Sun. with 3 of his buddies, he was fishing on a sand bar in front of a place that he had already ask the guy if it was ok, he had told him to go ahead and fish there any time he wanted. He had his lawnchair and rod at the edge of the sandbar when a pickup drove up to the cabin, it was the son of the guy that had told George to go ahead and fish there. He walked down the to bank and yelled "whose stuff was that, George was on the levey checking another line and he told the guy it belonged to him, amd he would move it if he wanted him to. He started toward the river yelling that he would throw the stuff in the river. George told him if he did that he wouldn't walk up the bank and the guy said come on old man, (that really pissed George off) So he stood up and told the guy "bring it on big boy". The guy started backing up the bank and cussing a storm up as he went, His father drove in and George said 'Bun, you told me I could fish here and the guy acted like he didn't know what George was talking about, this guy has borrowed all kinds of tools from George, George even helped him get his well in. So Geoge just picked up his stuff and said he didn't have to worry about him fishing there again. Why would the guy tell him it was OK and then when his son was around wouldn't say a word about telling him he could fsih there. Of course I was upset because George told him to bring it on, (my god he is 68 yrs old) I told him he was too old to kick someones a@@. He was a little upset with me because I said anything,but I have to keep him heathy he is the one with the ret check coming in. Sorry this was so long but I got to venting and couldn't stop. Sharon
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    It is very sad when people do not respect each other any more. Especially our citizens that have been around a long time and have years of knowledge in them. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but it sounds like George has one less burden now. :wink:

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    Sharon: You let that old dude do his stuff. When you are right, your right. Why should he back off when he was in the right. The problem anymore is the society we live in. We can't change 'em, but that doesn't mean we got to put up with them. The sad part is that your hubby had paid his dues to that guy, and he got shafted. John
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    Good post and story Sharon. Got to protect that ret check. I hope I'm still drawin mine and raising h*** like George when i'm that age.
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    hey sharon, you just give me a name and an address and you wont have to worry about that boy being rude to anyone else. i think i can teach him a thing or two about manners.
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    I think George did exactly the right thing, he certainly was in the right. I got a lot of respect for George and the way he handled it. 68 old, maybe so but who cares, get whooped who cares, probably not the first time. It's how you play the game and still keep your head high. High five for George. Luck
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    Sharon thanks for the story. George did the right thing, but maybe not the safe thing. We have a lot of people drugged or drunk running around with guns these days. And you never know how far they will go. I'm glad everything turned out ok.:big_smile:
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    Your 68 year old hero was square in his rights... but the shame is on the father and owner of that property that did not step up and stand up to his bully son.

    In all my travels, the fellow that bellows first and loudest is usually a coward and will back down like a crawfish when confronted by a determined man.
    sure, I've had my nose broke a few times, but I still have my self-respect intact.

    I will still tell a bully where to get off, a rude driver that he's an a$$hole and a mouthy person to shut up. I'm an old fart but I can still stand up for myself and what's right. I'm also man enough to admit when I'm wrong too.
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    Sharon, looks like the guy who owned the cabin got what he wanted outta George and then turned on him.

    Gene would have reacted the same was as George did. I really don't like that macho stuff when getting up in years either, but there would have been nothing I could do to stop him. Tell George to chalk it up as a lesson well learned.
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    Good for George, I am just like him. The guy will want something else and I sure would like to be there when he asks George for some help. Hot Darn.
    Some things you have to take and some things you don't and won't.
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    Been there, done that.... still scratching my head too. Some folks would do things like that to their own mother, so turning on someone they are just acquaintances with is really no big deal.

    I'm a fiercely loyal person, pretty much always to a fault. I've stuck up for folks who didn't deserve it lots of times. I just can't stomach a person like this guy who would allow his son to berate your husband.

    BTW, I sent you a PM that's about as long as "gone with the wind." Sorry 'bout that. LOL!!!
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    i have to agree with ardiva. the guy george was being so kind to help decided to stab him in the back and its sad to say but i have been there too. truth is the guy just lost a very good person to help him out if he needed it in the future. and karma sucks is all i have to say....
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    Sharon, Please! don't let this get you and George
    down. I've seen several jerks like this in the
    past do similar things only to end up on their
    backside. My attitude is just like Joeys reply,I'm
    sure that if he and myself had been there we'd have
    stomped a mudhole in the son's rear. I'm not trying
    to sound tough but I hate anyone who trys to intimidate an older person. Have pity for this fool,And have no boubt that he's an idiot! I'm
    sure that he's lost his pride (the hard way) in
    the past and I'm sure it's going to happen to him
    again.It's just a SHORT matter of time.

    Right on to George... Fear NO man!


    thank you for all of your replys and thoughts, I agree that he is still a tough old guy at the age of 68, but I still want him to be safe for next the 60yrs
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    Sharon that fella acted that way from 1 of 2 reasons, 1. He was scared of his own son, which is beyond sad, or 2> He is ashamed of the way he raised his son. I am 39 and would like to say GOOD FOR YOUR HUBBY, reminds me of my grandpa, and as others have stated the Jerk was obviously a COWARD with a big mouth and one day he will run it just a bit to much.... Just remember, 1 bad apple doesn't ruin the barrel, and thats one reason ya probably fell fer ol' George any way :big_smile::big_smile::big_smile: cuz he ain't afraid to stand his ground! God Bless ya!
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    maybe the dad wasnt the one who wears the pants in the family and that is the way some people are .....the next time they need help i now what you will do ???????remind them of that
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    I got to agree with Chris on that but too if you want the son straitened out I know a couple of people who could and would do it
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    I love my fishing and hunting spots, and, have had similar experiences. None of them are worth fighting over. Hated to see some of them go, but, I do these things to relax. If I can't relax and enjoy them it's time to stop doin' em. By all means stand up for yourself, but, in the long run it's just not worth it.
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    as others have said , george is right to want to stand his ground.
    i wish there were more georges out there.
    this instance you told us of has me wondering about the rights of this
    man and his son on whos property george was fishing on.
    maybe differant states or areas have differant stipulations but i would
    think there would have to be an easement of some kind around a river,or large lake.
    i would look into it if i were you and if there is an easement those two need to back off and keep there mouths shut.
    as long as george is just fishing i wouldnt see what he was hurting.
    the young punk thought he was tough until someone stood their ground .
    he acted like so many other big mouthed punks would .
    he mumbled and muttered and did nothing but show how stupid he was.
    as said before that guy will get his soon enough , they always do.
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    the sad part is there are more little punks born everyday,the "we can change the world generation" is slowly turning into the i only care for myself generation and kids these days have even worse attitudes than ever before!!
    i remember when talking back was punishable by a belt, or hickory :crazy:
    but now you hafta time out the little critters in hopes they will stay put for their punishment, but all that happens is more work chasing after em to put them back lol (supernanny,nanny911) when we stopped spanking kids is when the world started going downhill, now they dare us to spank em so they can call the child abuse people and the sad part is there isnt much you can do to defend yourself when a kid ,or teen is involved, and teachers "give up" on kids so easily these days because more and more of em disrupt their classes leaving them humiliated and trying to help the kids learn something!
    a LOT of the kids that go to my stepdaughter,stepson, and daughters school are like that nothing but punks and a lot of their parents dont care, they but them guns before the kids can drive and wonder why kids kill other kids??? im no DR. PHIL but i can tell you lock up the guns when you arent around or something bad could happen! remember when you spanked your kid for talking back? he does and could just turn the gun on you if you dont watch it! so think before handing a kid a dangerous weapon cause bad things happen when youleast expect it, anda lot of times its by the "my son could never do that" parents lol sorry to stray a little from the main topic but that punk kid who started picking on your husband has lost sight of what his parents tried to teach him, or maybe they taught him to be a spoiled little brat? :crazy::roll_eyes: i would tell george to laugh it off cause it sure beats crying over some little punk! :wink: