Rubbermade bait tank for under 40$!

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    Hey guys! Got bored yesterday and made myself a bait tank. It was fairly cheap and works great. I bought a 50 gallon rubbermade tub(oval shaped) for the tank, a 20.00 pump along with a few other things. All you have to do is mount the aerator ontop of the lid with a small screw. This is really easy to accomplish due to the plastic lid. Next you will need to buy a few ft of pump hose, which can be found at any pet store. The pump I bought has two outlets for air so I spread them out across the tank and used suction cups to hold them in place. Two airstones are also needed and can be easily purchased at your pet store as well. I bought two 4" stones, one for each hose. Overall I bought:

    1.50 gallon tub (10.00)_
    2. (20.00) 50 gallon pump
    3. 20 ft airhose (.99)
    4. Bag of suction cups (.99)
    5. 2 4" air stones (5.00) total
    6. bag of mineral rocks (17.00) OPTIONAL

    the rocks are optional and a bit costly but, I went ahead and added them. Right now I have goldfish in there to see how long they last in the system. I figure they will last till I fish with em'. I will post pics on this as soon as possible.

    This is just the whole shot of the tank with the air pump mounted on top.

    These are the air stones and air pump I bought recently:


    And just one of the inside with everything on.

    as you can see I've got the water level low right now. I will probably just take extra buckets with me when bluegill fishing and dump them in along with the bluegill.