Rough trip sunday

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by superman, Oct 25, 2006.

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    the trip started out as usual i went and picked up a duddy of mine at 8:30 a.m. went back to my house to hook the boat up when my buudy realized he forgot his poles so we drove back to his house got his poles and went back to my house and hooked up the boat it was now about 9:30 as we were driving to the river we saw fire trucks, cops and a half burnt down house after about 10 or 15 mins. of sitting there i got out and asked how long it would be till we could get by the man said a couple hours the man noticed the boat behind me and asked if i could turn it around to wich i replied you see that road right there thats the road i need to take ( the road was about a hundred yards away from us ) he said no so i had to back a 20 foot boat down a curvy road for about a 1/8 mile till i could turn it around so we took another road which added another half hour or so to the drive as we pulled into the gas station my truck ran out of gas but we coasted to the pump so that was no big deal we bought some sodas and a 12 pack for later and headed to the ramp we put the boat in the water and took off to catch shad we had no luck catching them it took about 2 hours to get 20 or 30 shad we said thats fine lets just fish as i headed out from behind a dike i saw a barge going up river and two side by side going down river i told my buddy that i was not going out there with those three barges he said fine so we waited another 15 or 20 mins. before we could safely get out and run up river it was almost 2:00 p.m. before we got to get a hook wet we fished untill 6:30p.m. before the first and only bite so about seven we both decided that it was cold and we called it a really bad day and went to the bar just thought i would share this
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    Glad to hear the tale, but you sounded like it wasn't a good one....but I didn't hear anything about bailing water, citations, injuries, ER side trips, most expensive rigs over the gunnel, accidental discharges....and you never even ran out of booze either! Come on. Superman? Now if you had to pick up the bar tab: I hear ya brother, and I feel your pain......