Rough River and Nolin River lakes

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    I was thinking about making a trip to Rough River and Nolin River Lake this spring to do some fishing. I have never been on either of these lakes and have a few questions about them. 1. Do barges travel on either of these lakes? 2. They both seem to be narrow and long lakes, are rough conditions rare or common. 3. How is the catfishing?
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    Bedford, Kentucky
    David, barges do not run on either of these lakes. They are both decent lakes for fishing with fair numbers of channel catfish and a few big flatheads. The water can really get churned up in the warmer months by the large number of pleasure craft, especially on the weekends. If you are just going to target catfish, I'd recommend the Ohio River instead, loads better fishing with the better chance of landing a monster. If you are worried about the rough water because of the small size of the craft you'll be in, I suggest fishing the upper reaches of either of the two lakes. Good fishing at the headwaters and less pleasure craft. Good Luck. Vern

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    Maybe try Barren it's probably about as good .Or Green river .
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    If going to Nolin the upper end looks good for jugging and a few limb lines about. as faras tring to night fish be careful due to lots and lots of stumps in the shallows. Good luck on fishing the lake I think there is a lot of potetial up there.