Rotten Shad bait

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    Don't know if anyone will try this or not but I have done this. It started out with beef liver and then i tried scrap deer meat. The brusied meat and stuff that would have gotten thrown away i found a use for it.

    1st Get you some mason jars and fill then with 1-2 in shad
    fill the jar 1/4 full of water. cover and let sit in the sun until they are rotten and they will almost liquefy.

    Then take your self some chunks of meat and soak them in the rotten shad. When you walk past them give them a shake 4 or 5 times a day. I let my sit for 3 days. 1 day outside and 2 days in my bait fridge.

    You can freeze the extra jars so the meat doesnt spoil and get too soft to stay on the hook.

    I think the biggest fish I caught on this was around 15 pounds. But I caught the heck out of some channels with it.

    You can even flavor the shad before you set them out to rot. Use garlic or even cool aid. I personally did not try that part.

    But one warning is use gloves this stuff stinks like, well rotten fish. I always carry a box of rubber gloves with me when using this. It wont wash off easy.
    Good luck, let me know if you try it and how it worked in your neck of the woods.
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    hmmm.. never thought of that