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    Gilbert, Arizon
    Looks like It's just going to be Mondayat Bartlett. I'm going to try to go to Roosevelt next week. Has anyone ever been there for Flat's. Any recomendations on where to go???
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    Gilbert AZ
    Micah launch at school house and head up the river, when your on the river it will narrow you need to paint the area clear of structure which will be the original channel. Anchor anywhere on the river next to the clear area and cast into the channel. Get there early because the gils are hard to come by some times. Carp can be caught in the river. I recommend fairly heavy main and leader the cats are big on the salt. You may want to buy water dogs for extra bait, they work there, bigger the better. I believe the direction is east from the school house launch for the river. Windy hill has been mention also for a good spot find a cove near there. The problem is stick ups because the lake level is high. That's why the river can be good when you paint a clear area.