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    We'll my first trip to roosy was a blast fishing with Kevin. He has many years experience there as he grew up in that area. We started gathering bait about 1430 and didn't get many gils we brought along a dozen water doggys which prove to be a good idea. After cruzing the river we decided to try one of kevins bays near windy hill instead. gils and water dogs casted about 1830 we only got 1 true run which kevin too advantage of and landed a 20 lb flathead on a med size dog. We went in kevins bass boat which was my first time for that, man can that boat fly. The lesson I got from kevin was a good one and feel I can fish the river or lake know as we explored many of the holes he use to fish, many of which were way under water with the high lake level. I will try to post the pic here if I can size it.

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    Thanks for the info. That looks like a nice fish. If you don't mind, I figured I would put in my report from this last weekend as well.

    Due to boat motor problems Friday afternoon/evening, I did not get a chance to fish from the boat until Saturday. I tried fishing up by the diversion dam Friday night, but decided to go to sleep instead because everyone and their dog was up there. I couldn't even find a place to fish.

    At any rate, on Saturday, I headed up the Salt River channel from Schoolhouse and went up the river as far as I one of my favorite spots. I got the poles in the water around 11:00 and had several pretty good runs on waterdogs. I never was able to land them. From looking at the waterdogs, it looked like I almost had them far enough up the dog to get a hookset, but not quite. I will have to do some adjustments with that. I did have a really good run on a flattie that was probably around in the 20lb range. I got it all the way to the boat and it got off. I was using a 7/0 circle hook and was using a big ball of worms. I just don't think I had a real good hookset.

    At any rate, in the end I finished with a couple eating-sized channels, but nothing to really scream about. I do know that the fish are there and I will have to wait until next time to capture my elusive giant.


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    nice fish, congrats
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    hey great fish. that should hold you off till the next big 1. lol