Roosevelt Lake report...Good !

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  1. Cat-dory

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    I was at our local Sportsmans Warehouse this evening. 3 guys came in with 56 catfish and 37 crappie !!!! All were Flatheads , and the Crappie were all over 2 lbs. They wouldnt really say where or what they were caught on , but I know they fished the river portion of the lake across from windy hill and more towards river. None of the Flatheads was over about 15lbs or so. It was 3 days of fishing for them.
    I wouldnt have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. They did say the water temps were hitting about 59 degres in some of the coves in the afternoon time......Its time for me to get the boat out and loaded again !
  2. jaytee

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    Glad to hear some folks are having success......56 flats + no CNR = ouch

  3. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona

    That sucks... Is it even legal to take that many fish???
    Why should I even care about releasing the fish I catch when there are people out there doing this?.

    I am glad they had success.. but flattheads are few and far between here in AZ... THERE REALLY SHOULD BE STRICKTER CREEL LIMITS.

  4. Cat-dory

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    3 guys , 56 flatty's = 18 fish each
    Yup...they are within the legal catch.
    I feel the same way. However they were all small which made me feel some better. Most of them were between 2-10 lbs.....Its very very strange seeing a catch like this ??? I think they were doing something ??? Possibly netting or trotlining ???
    The whole story just doesnt equate to me...yet I saw them ?
  5. Pappy B

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    My son and I watched two guys up on the Salt six years ago with 38 flatties on two rope stringers that ranged from 13 to 44 pounds.Young guys.Proud of their catch but,they keep every fish.Makes me want to puke.NOBODY can eat that much fish.Last fall my son found a rope stringer on the river with 8 flatties between 7 - 15 pounds ( guessing ) just thrown into the bushes rotting.He said there were beer bottles thrown everywhere and trash from their camp.My son is 24 and he's grown up knowing that you have to take care of our resources or next year year they may be all gone. When he asked me why?, I couldn't give him an answer.I just guess we haven't gotten the word out to everyone yet.
    Pappy B.
  6. SandyCatfish

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    They must of been using nets....or electric shock or trot lines. No one gets that much fish from Roosevelt that early in the spring with out HELP!!!!!!!! SANDY:angry:
  7. MichaelP

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    I can honestly say that Ive made catches like that. Some times the fish are just biting like crazy and other times you dont even get a nibble.
    Keeping that many fish is excessive, but some people are meat fishing and look at the folks who throw them back as crazy. I caught a 20 lb+ channel cat out at canyon lake and to the consternation of bystanders slid it right back in.
    Haha, I had to take out about 3 No.6 to no.8 hooks with short leaders of what looked like 10 lb mono attached so it gave me a good feeling to know he's the one that got away more than once.
    I throw back any fish over 5 lbs because the bigger fish have higher concentrations of metals. I make sure to tell every person I see with bigger fish on their stringers that fact as well.:wink:
  8. catfisherman_eky3

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    Good to hear people are having success and thanks for the info
  9. Flathead Hunter 6990

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    Hello all I am new to this forum.
    Has anyone been to Roosevelt recently? Like last weekend? I am wodering about the debris/wood/access. I went 3/8 and debris was everywhere (no catfish). It was almost impossible to access backs of coves, or run wide open throttle. Should I assume untill water level starts dropping the lake will remian hard to access? Any suggestions on how to fish the debris? With water levels rising the flathead will be coming in soon and I was wondering if they will be more prone to sitting under the wood filled coves?

    Thanks and Fish on! :wink: