Roosevelt Lake - November 10th

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    Clinton, Iowa
    Well I wish I had more to report... I went out on Thursday and Friday nights with very limited success.

    On Thursday, I figured I would try downstream from the diversion dam and only managed to stumble into some transients hanging out in the area. It was dark when I got there and they freaked me out bad enough that I didn't want to try and fish, leaving my boat and other stuff there for them.

    On Friday I went to Schoolhouse and put in there. I fished for bait and ba$$ for a little while and then went upstream as far as I could. The water is really cold and it is a lot clearer as it shallows. I caught some decent channels, but never hooked into the flatties. I am wondering if most of them have shifted back into the deeper waters for the season.

    I am sure that we will find out from everybody else who took off for the whole weekend. Tony and the gang will probably be posting something. I figured I would report and see what everyone else got for the weekend.

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    Hey Ryan, I'm sorry you didn't get any luck near the dam, there are lots of locals there and they can be a little sketchy at times. The water did clear up ALOT this weekend, I don't remember it being so clean. I just got back from my trip, I will make another thread about what I ran into.