Roosevelt Lake Friday and Sat night

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    I went out to Roosy on Friday and Saturday. Fished both nights without a run . I had my boat and 4 kayaks. We camped out up river about a mile downstream from the rafter take out point. Friday night a guy caught a 17lb (that's what he said anyway) There was about 8 boats lined up where i was fishing and none of us had any action. I had one 6 inch carp out all night and gilss and waterdogs on the others. I had my kayak tied off loosely to a tree and was really hoping to catch one in the kayak but never did. Had a great time with the nephews but no fish. It's just a matter of time and I believe location. There's got to be some in the river now it's just figuring out where there at.
    Good luck to all. See everone at the gathering.
    I aim to catch a big one this year.
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    Hey Dude,
    The fishing can be tough when the pressure is like that...

    ** I wonder if the flatheads are in spawn mode??

    ** Next time you should try the magic fish flute...:tounge_out:

    * See you on the river.

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    Dont let out my secret, next thing you know everybody will want one.:smile2: