Roosevelt Lake Father's Day:

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    Great night on the water, although I only had one run (no fish). I was unable to make it up to the cliffs. It seems like the water is low. I tried to make it, but it was one foot all the way across once the river began to narrow. There were a # of boats in my area so I assume others ran into the same problem. Has anyone ever fished the stretch of water (green banks etc) about 1/2 mile befor the cliffs. I'd describe it as the straight away right before the U turn to where the river gets shallow.

    Are there flatties all through here? I've heard about people fishing main lake around Schoolhouse? I've never tried?

    I will be up there this weekend. I am in a Ranger 620VS w/ 250 Verado. Feel free to say hi if you run into me.

    Happy Fishing.

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    Arizona, Scott
    steven I am not sure how you didnt see me and my fishing buddy. We were posted up in the channel in the bend of the U, right as you had back towards the really shallow water. I am in a silver tracker tundra that has CLEATUS on the side. we were posted up in 6.5ft of water and managed three flatheads, they were small but fun never the less. I saw a couple of boats go up and come back so I figured it was the same thing as the last couple of weeks people loss confidence in real shallow water. We caught two of the three on the inner bend in 1.5-2 ft of water!! The fish are just like us fisherman. IF the river is too shallow they mover down a little until they feel comfortable with the depth. I think now most of the bigger ones are up river laid up tring to spawn, so it may slow down for a couple of weeks or so. Try the spot I was at, it worked well for us. One fish a 9pm, one at 3am and the other at 4am!! So be patient, they will come if your bait is lively!!

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    I dont fish shallow or up-river untill around sept.Schoolhouse is a good bet this time of year!!I'll start here and work up as the summer goes by!There are many large flatty's around there, and I've seen 3 over 40lbs this year already!!!!
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    Gethooked.... those cats look like the are "full backs" or or bulls with their thick bodies...... thanks for the post.....

    bayrunner ray
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    So where would you be in mid-July with a new moon?