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    Howdy,planning to go to Rosie tommorow for an overniter and fish from the bank. It will be my first time there so I am not sure where to park my jeep and set up shop. I was thinking the school house rec area or the diversion dam rec area. I will be sleeping in my vehicle so I would like to stay close to the water so I can watch my poles throughout the nite. Any description of a decent place to cast from the bank would be appreciated, thanks.

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    If you want to fish from your jeep, the diversion dam rec site has a couple of spots only. You must take the road that goes to the diversion dam, not the road that takes you to the other spots like the wash or eucalypotus (sp?). These spots you have to walk a good ways to the river. BUt at the diversion dam itself you can offroad right to the bank, but becareful the ground is river sand and you see tracks where people get stuck quite freqently. so 4x4, if you got it, if not go slow and scout the tracks. I am not sure about school house. so you might want to check it out first if you have enough light. iF you go to the diversion dam, there is a map there that will show you which turn to take to get to the diversion dam itself. THis is the only spot on the river where you can park and still see your poles, if not you will need to be prepared with a tent or sleeping bag, or some sort of cover form the wind and cold. Best of luck, PLEASE post your results either good or bad. :006: :0a26:

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    Good LUCK Bro!!!!!