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I just hooked the scales up to my rod and I'm at 4lbs. Our basic drift set up here is 20 or 30lb test mono with a 2' or 3' #50 leader, then a 3" float 4 inches from your circle hook. I also advise a slinky weight vs. a no roll above your swivel, we happen to use 1.5oz around here.

No more than 45 degree angle is fine. When the rod smacks down put your hand on the reel and start reeling WHILE you are wrestling the rod out of the holder. Its important to not horse him in, main reason is because drifting can produce some whisker hooks ; ) A slow even retrieve is best.

I'm sure some will disagree with my method but it's what we use here and it works good. I also advise to go as slow as you can. A 1oz down rod of some sort ( perch jerker, LOL )will help watch your drifting speed, just look at the angle of the line. I like around a 15 degree on my down rod. Drift socks are pretty important in boat control and speed also.

G'luck man....It's a very exciting way to fish, have fun with it ; )


Oh, also Rollo the circles hooks need to be snelled also, it helps the hook set a lot.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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