Rolling Fork near New Haven

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    Greensburg, IN
    Just wondering if anyone has fished the Rolling fork river near New Haven? Looks like a great river and a good friend of mine owns some property near there. Thanks for the help.
  2. seahaggy

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    Yes it's a Dandy place to Fish but i would go at it with Limb Lines , Bank Poles Etc.... to cover alot of water. This kind of river will be only deep in a few spots or streches lots of Ripples , Runs and Holes. Even useing a Smaller Jon Boat with a Trolling Motor you will have to get out and pull the boat up some of those ripples just not deep enough. If you are fishing from the bank try to find a good ripple to set up on you will most likely catch a few. Ive caught Channels , Flatheads (No Blues) , Carp , Perch , Smallmouth , Largemouth even those Slimmy River Eels. lol. The Game Warden will hang around these smaller rivers and i don't know why but don't keep anything to small they like to sneak up on ya. lol For Bait Minnows or Creek Chubs are hard to beat. And one last thing watch out for BigFoot been seen in these parts.:0a5: