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  1. Moswaprat

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    What would yall buy if yall was buy a new cat fishin rod and reel. I need some thang would handle any where from a 2 lb to a 50lb. Thanks in advance yall.
  2. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    You can't go wrong with a Catfish Safari rod. They're not cheap but definitely worth every penny. -I'd take a look at either the "Blue Cat Lake Rod" or the "Flathead" rod.

    As for reels, I'm partial to Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur baitcasting reels myself - the 6000 or 6500 series would work well for all-around catfishing.

    If you prefer a spinning reel instead of a baitcaster, I can't really recommend anything specific, though I've always done well with Shimano spinning reels.

  3. Fishin'_Fool

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    Moberly MO
    I use the Okuma Stratamaster 20D baitcaster spooled with 80# Spiderwire on an 8'0 Berkley Medium-Heavy action Glowstick. The only drawbacks to this setup that I've encountered is the line counter gets stuck and doesn't always read right and the built-in lights on the rod don't always work. As far as durability, I've been really satisfied with their performance. I paid about $80 for the rod and reel. Hope this helps!!
  4. medford

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    pleasant h
    i have catfish safari flathead rods with abu 6500 on them and also shakesphere ugly stick rods with the same 6500 i have a total of 6 abu 6500 reels i really like them and the rods i use. :wink:
  5. sjohn58

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    I'v set up two Abu 6500C3 with Ugly Stik Tiger Medium action (BWC2201) these are 20-50 lb rods. Catfishsafari rod I am sure are great rod, but at the time, it was out of my budget.
  6. catfishscotty

    catfishscotty Well-Known Member

    yep i have the same set ups as medford :wink:
    i love abu garcia reels the best get the ones made in sweeden if at all possible .

    couple years ago got some 7000 b abu reels for 55 bucks a piece new
    and last fall hit another good deal on the red 6000s for 34.99 i really didnt need them but bought 4 more now i wish i would of bought every one they had they was new also . kick myself for not buying the rest they had at the store now .

    i put my reels threw hell and 2 of my older 6000s that are around 12 years old finally need new bearings but still work until i get to the shop dont think thats to bad myself after 12 years of use . but i do oil my reels often .

    the cast smooth and are built well in my opinion . and can get parts for them very very easy .
  7. Waterbug

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    I've been doing a lot of research latley, as I am about to purchase a new rod & reel. Here's what I've found. Just about any Abu Garcia reel is going to be great. I've got four of them already and I'll be adding and Abu Big Game Reel with this next purchase.

    Rods: there is a plethera to choose from. Catfishsafari rods look good, there is a pretty good description on their web site. One negative is that I send a personal contact over a week ago inquiring about some specific info before I purchased one and I have yet to recieve a response. Many of the anglers in the BOC recommed the Ugly Stick series rods, but I have not been overly impressed from the research that I've done. Quantum Big Cat rods seem to be well made, as are the E-cat and the Boss rods. Berkley Glowsticks-you either love them or hate them. I think that their pretty good for the price. I really like the Cat Maxx rod sold by Bass Pro. My reasoning for this choice is that they provide a rod that I can use to pursue big Alligator Gar as well as cats.

    My recommendation is to google all the rods you read about here and evaluate them for yourself. You'll come up with a rod that fits your needs. Find the one you like; after all you will be the one using it.

    Good luck.
  8. Welder

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    Off shore angler surf rod bass proshops $20 8 footer $24 10 footer, diawa em cast 5000 $74 spinnen reel, offhshoreangler tight line 20lb and 25 lb line tough as all get out $12 for a 1/2 lb spool 1000 yards. Whooped a 74lb blue lotsa other cats and spoonbill up to 50lbs -- $100 ya got one heck of a cat rod that casts up to 100 yards and a good reel with a great drag. :wink:
  9. jlcperformance

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    moberly, missouri
    i have abu 6000's on quantum rods they r nice and im really pleased with them, i know i have heard good things about the cat maxx rod and reel set up at bass pro too. i say just look around and u will find a good deal on things, even if u only by one thing at a time, that is how i got all my nicer stuff, i didnt have the money to just go out and buy everything at once so i just purchased stuff here and there and now i have a pretty nice set up. also if u r in the insider group they have an excellent deal on some american spirit rods that are very nice with cork handles and plenty of eyes on them for around 25-30 dollars apeice, these are very similar to the surge rods that alot of tackle shops sell for around 75 dollars, looked like a hell of a deal to me i would check it out if i were u.
  10. Big Muddy Catter

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    Grain Valley MO
    I use Bass Pro Shop CatMaxx heavy action rods and Penn 209 level wind reels. I have never had any trouble and love this setup.
  11. IBEW_124_BROTHER

    IBEW_124_BROTHER New Member

    Quantum big cat in heavy action, paired with a BTR 30 quantum blue runner reel. Less than 100 bucks per setup and damn good rods