Rodchester IN lake weeds

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    I friend who lives on the lake in Rodchester IN phoned to tell me to not come up there to fish because of the weed problems they are having. He was telling me that the weeds are so bad he has to clean his prop from time to time. This weed came from a boat trailer or boat that ramped from other waters. The DRN is spraying the lake. He also said that he has been seeing blue gills and small bass floating belly up. The DNR is thinking about closing the ramps there for a year or two to help get the weeds killed.
    Just thought I would pass this on.
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    I've noticed how bad the weeds get around here in the late summer/autumn times of year. Most any small pond or even the White River is full of big mats of weeds and it really becomes a burden to fish around.

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    Wow! whats causing that? weather or what? similar probs around here too but from acid drainage though.
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    Thanks For The Update Brother,we Have The Same Problems With The Local Waters.
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    The weed in Lake Manitou in Rochester is Hydrilla. It's an exotic species like Eurasion Watermilfoil & curlyleaf pondweed. You may have heard of it from Florida & Texas where they've been struggling to control it for years. The stuff is nasty: spreads through a lake like crazy & out-competes native species of aquatic vegetation. Not sure about this statement, but I think its even more aggressive than Eurasion watermilfoil. The problem really isn't an over-abundance of weeds in the lake, but the discovery of this exotic species. The DNR needs to take care of this problem now before it spreads to other lakes. That's why the extreme suggestion closing the public ramps for a year or two. The DNR already sampled ~15-20 lakes within a 30 mile radius of Manitou. Fortunately hydrilla was not found at any of these.

    From what the biologist over in District 1 found. He thinks the hydrilla did not come into the lake from a boat bringing it from another lake. No other lake in Indiana (that DNR knows of) has hydrilla. Also, I think this may be the first known occurrence in the midwest. The D1 biologist found a HUGE amount of it in one channel...most likely started in the channel from someone dumping their aquarium into the lake.