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Discussion in 'Boating' started by beakus, Mar 11, 2007.

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    derby kansas
    does anybodt have a good way to store rods in a jon?i'm tired of laying them in the floor against the sides.i'm afraid at some point one is going to get steped on or an eye bent.i was thinking of trying to stand them up some way,i think i have seen some rod holders that i could atach to the front of my platform and stand them up in but i think it would only work when were movinig in the boat, i would like to find something that would work for transporting the bout also?
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    I have a 14 ft boat and I installed a four slot heavy foam rod carrier against the rail so the rods stand upright in the slots. Walmart or any tackle supplier has them for 3 or 4.00$. I then installed a small cable so it crosses above the reels with a loup in the end in which I can place a small padlock to a small eye bolt. This solves two problems keeps the poles up off the floor, and allows me to leave the poles in the boat while I pull the trailer out of the water and into the parking place, which in some cases here is out of sight of the boat. The cable lock system is simple, but some one would have to have wrenches or cable cutter to get the poles. The down side is if casting a lot the upright poles might get in the way. My boats sides don’t lend them selves to placing the poles horizontally under the side rails, because of seating, braces, etc. I have seen rods horizontally on the sides in the same type of foam insert slotted holders with the butt ends hooked in clip type broom wall holders. I guess they were epoxied in place. I would send a picture but the camera just quit on me. Luck

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    Check out the Rod Saddle. To visit their site, click here.