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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by FS Driver, Sep 29, 2007.

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    i just traded a guy for a 7 foot boat rod . all the lettering or stamp has been worn off enough that i cant identify a brand or any lettering for that matter.
    it is greenbean green in color and it has a very nice heavyduty lookin reel seat. the butt needs a cap . the guides are my concern now .
    the guides are all loose and arent in line , and mainly the tip is not in line with the front reel seat causeing the rig to look like its off about a fifth of a turn.
    i would like to maybe try and re do the guides and tip myself and was wondering if anyone has any tips ideas , or suggestions on doing this.
    i really dont want to put it in a shop as i think it probabbly isnt worth
    the cost as ive seen nice new boat rods similar for less than 100 bux .
    thanks in advance for any responses.
    by the way if there is a rod repair section i overlooked , please move this there mods. thanks again
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    Look for a book called Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale Clemmons.
    If you haven't wrapped before BUY THE BOOK!