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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Spongiform, May 10, 2006.

  1. Spongiform

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    I recently decided to get back into catfishing and have been looking into a getting new setup.

    Looking at the Shimano IX4000 Reel and Shimano FX Spinning Rod 60 using Berkley Gorilla Tough 35/10 line.

    I don't have alot of cash to spare at the moment and that probably won't change any time soon. So I'm looking for the cheapest stuff that's still usable.

    Both the rod and reel is on sale at the local sports store for $9.99 each and and it looks like I can get the line for about $8+shipping online.
    That puts it at about $35 all said and done and that's pretty easy on my budget :lol:

    So will these three work together OK? What's the heaviest fish I can expect to pull in on that?

    I've read that Gorilla Tough line is pretty abrasive and that can wear out your reel faster. How serious of a problem is that?

    If the reel lasted a year or two with semi-casual catfishing (2-3 outtings a month?) then I'd be happy with it, for that price.

    So what's the verdict folks?
  2. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    Brian, welcome to the BOC. That setup should work fine to start out with. Ive never used that line, I use mono on all my reels. I wouldnt go anything less than a medium/heavy action rod preferably the 8 footer. Shimano makes very good spinning reels you should be fine with that model. The only thing I would change is the line. If you decide to go with mono line , go with the bigger 4000 series reel and use Berkley Big Game 20 or 30lb test.

    Its hard to say, but I would guess this setup should be good for cats up to 40lbs maybe. Shouldnt have any problems with anything under 25lbs. Good luck and let us know what you end up with.

  3. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    If used properly, that outfit may be able to raise the Titanic. You just can't force anything, or get into a tournament where you have to get the cat to the top quickly. The only thing I would change, in my opinion, is the line. I'd go with "Berkly's Big Game" line, in about the 20 lb. test capacity. I'm not a fan of heavy line, but that is just a personal opinion. lol
  4. BhamRoadrunner

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    Personally I run a cheap closeout reel from the sporting goods store i work at in the evenings, 25lbs test big game, and a 3 oz pyramid weight. Basically, even fishing from the bank, I'll reach just about anywhere, except the other shore on the widest parts of the river. I've also gotten snagged before and hauled in the log I was hooked to. Next time it happens I'll take a picture.

    Just remember, these reels have drag for a reason, use it. Don't go too fast and just sit back and enjoy the fight.
  5. tatersalad

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    here has Shakespeare combos on Tiger Rods loaded with 20# line for 19.97. Might be worth looking at, i have two, and haven't had a problem yet.
  6. shortshank

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    The "tinsel" strength of your line is a very good question to ponder. I like to play every fish I catch. By that I mean I have no desire to set the hook and yank that puppy in the boat. It's like getting introduced to the fish you just hooked. Is he big, small, a real fighter, a wimp for his size? All that information is determined during the catch process. Did he run right at the boat only to turn and peel off 15-25yds. of line, hugging the bottom, then flash to the top to try to spit your hook out? Heavy line serves its purpose, and so does lite weight line. How do you fish? That will give you a better answer. Don't set your drag too tight & fear no fish!:ah:
  7. brinley45cal

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    Well everyone has there own opinion but as far as line mono line goes cajun red line is cheap and its tough as nails i have it on all my reels.I use 20 and 30# test but i like the 20# better.But the rods and reels you have should do for now but after you get started,you will trade up id almost bet on it.But take what you got and have some fun.
  8. photocat

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    My thoughts exactly... i was playing with channels after the tournament at the dock with a $20 ultralight combo... as long as you don't force the fish in and let the drag work (on the cheaper ones you have to set it a little lighter then with the more expensive reels) it'll bring in fish up to what ever you can catch... My largest on the 4 lb test is 8 or 9 lbs from shore... i don't use it from a boat cause well the only place i've been on a boat really was the potomac and though i'd love to catch a 20 lber on 4 lb line i'd rather not test it on tournament day...
  9. CJ21

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    I think that combo would make a good set up.
  10. kyblue49

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    alot of it depends on what kind of water you are going to fish and how you are going to fish it. in a lake from a boat i would say no problem,on a big river from the bank i would be worried. you have to match your tackle not only to the fish you are after but to the condtions you are fishing.
  11. bluehunter

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    Agree, you can have the best set up in the world, but if you yank fish in and do not have the drag set, you will lose good fish that way. I play every fish as well, loosening and tightening my drag along the way. Its a good thing to practice.