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Discussion in 'Misc Fishing Tackle Talk' started by ironorr, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. ironorr

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    Hey guys, does anyone know of a good case to purchase where I can hold my rod and reel together without disassemply? I want to be able to travel with it in the bed of my pickup and keep it safe. I have a 7'6 rod with a 7000c3 reel mounted. Any suggestions?
  2. idolg

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    Colfax, NC
    PVC pipe works good for smaller rods I don't know about the 7000. If you have a 2 piece rod then use the nylon cover off of a fold up sports chair. It works great and has a handle to carry your rod(s). It also has a pull string to close the top, although it will not give the protection that PVC would.

  3. Mickey

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    You might consider Sch/40 sewer pipe with screw in ends. This will hold two sets of rod and reels like you have. You can add a carry strap from and old waist belt if needed. This pipe is stromg and will protect your equip. Can be purchased from your local hardware store. I hope this will help. I've used these for years and never had any thing damaged.