Rod rack for the home

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Holder Review' started by badkarma, Jul 3, 2007.

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    I got tired of my rods standing it the corner and getting banged around so I made a rod rack for storing my rods in a safe place.I built a frame from 1x2 that is 46in x 24in and used deck screws with small hose over it for pegs then used henges to hang it from the wall by the 24in side.I put a small eye bolt in the ceiling and another on the wall then put cord through the eye bolts and used it to pull the rod rack up to the ceiling and cleated the cord off using a small boat type cleat.I worked great and my rods are safe and this is in my "office" junk room so my wife didn't fuss about me hanging a rod rack on the ceiling.

    P.S.I was going to post photos but I couldn't get my screen resolution high enough to down load from my camera.
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    Jim, Sounds like a good rack for the rods. I'm sorry to hear of the picture download problem.... can't wait to see what you have put together.

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