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    ok, maybe somebody can help me out on this.. but whats the proper term or actual name of these rod holders, most people use them for carp fishing. ive searched online and used google and i cant find them.

  2. mintaka

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    Tripod rod holders , I presume?
    I saw them in a BPS catalog 2 years ago , but the name recollection is fuzzy at best. Hope this helps.

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    Not sure about the name on that type. Carp anglers round here use a " Rod Pod" its similar construction. 2 aluminum tripods, connected in the middle with a bar.. those look neat, but are bout $85 a pop. also see some that had a little device that screws into those that beeps and flashes when the line goes out. that got annoying really fast! a friend is a hard core carp paylake fisherman, he has 2 of them. said hed never use another holder. the beeper runs on a 9 volt battery. I guess those are Extremely popular at the paylakes.